JetPack Queenstown

    FAQs – – all your questions answered

What is Flyboarding?

The Flyboard is a water jet board that connects to a jetski. The jetflyer’s feet are strapped on to the board. The power from the jetski converts in to a 45 ft hose and out the jet outlets on the board.
The Jet pack is similar but instead of being strapped in by your feet the Jet pack is strapped on to your back. You control with jet pack with hand controls. A tandem seat can be used so that an experienced pilot may take a passenger.

I can’t swim, can I still go on the Flyboard?

You must be confident in the water. If you can’t swim at all! I’m afraid you won’t be able to Flyboard or Jet Pack
The Tandem JetPack option is does not require any swimming ability.

How long is each flight?

The Tandem flight is a 10 – 15 minutes ride in the water. Gearing up with wetsuit, life vest etc, may take an extra 15 minutes. Allow 30 minutes all up.

The Solo session is a 40-minute session included in that time is a 10-minute onshore training session and 30 minutes in the water. Allow 1 hour for the Solo session.